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How to buy your first home?

Janine Purves of Waverley Wealth talks to Toronto-based real estate agent Emir Dickson of the Red Square Team with Royal LePage about the process of buying a house for the first time.

  • How much home can you afford with your mortgage preapproval?

  • Learn what you can buy with your budget and what you are looking for

  • Is property still worth the investment in today's market?

  • How do I make my offer stand out?

Watch the full interview here:

For more financial education and tips, subscribe and check out our website at:

To contact Emir, check out the Red Square Team's website at:

For more information, read the Red Square Team's "Educated Buying" guide for what to expect when you are looking for a home and their personal key to the success of buying and selling real estate in Toronto's West End.

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