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  • Jenna Trollope

Your life could be covered

Fortunately, we have free health care in Canada and some additional perks if you have a health insurance plan with your workplace. If you have a mortgage and a house, you may have mortgage and homeowners insurance. Car insurance rates are crazy, and many of us don't have enough stuff for renters insurance, and did you know you will often purchase travel insurance automatically if you book your trip using a credit card?

Insurance is never a fun subject of conversation, but it can cover your butt if life hits a downturn. It happens to the best of us, you are excited about life and the possibility of it all. Then you fall sick right before the conference. Or you need to take a break to look after your kid or a parent. Life happens, and it is what it is. You pick up your bootstraps and push through.

That is when insurance kicks in, and it is way easier to get while you are young, healthy, and less risk for any insurance company. If you apply while you are younger and lower-income, you can look into disability and life insurance at a far cheaper rate over time without a medical exam required for the application.

Disability insurance covers your lost income if you ever can't work to cover your bills when life happens. Life insurance covers your family should you ever pass away unexpectedly. This is to cover mortgage payments or the costs of your funeral, and you can even use your life insurance towards your favourite charity to save on estate taxes.

Insurance is not for the good times, it's to cover your ass when it rains.

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