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We can all use a little help where money is concerned

Written by Jenna Trollope

I have always been a pretty curious individual. Asking too many questions and sticking my nose places it doesn’t belong. I love learning and I find my favourite source of information is to engage in conversation with people about their passions. Their eyes light up when they find someone willing to listen to their theories and I am always a willing participant in a debate.

Over my years on earth, my sister and I were fortunate enough to be the spawn of my parents. They entertained my curiosity from a young age and encourage our house to be a very open environment where we could discuss any train of thought. My dad deserves a medal for all the feminine subjects brought up at the most unfortunate times.

One subject at our table was money and as we got older, my mom and dad became increasingly open about our household finances. To be honest, I am not sure if that was their plan … or they gave up trying to avoid my endless questions on the subject. But in the end, we started to engage in the thought process that goes into making any financial decision.

As a millennial, I understand personally how frustrating it can be when you feel overworked and underpaid. I see so many peers struggling to understand how to manage the money they make. The economic environment today is so freaking complicated with so many sources of information it is overwhelming. Not to mention, financial experts may have amazing tips, but who can understand what they are trying to say unless you have a finance background? Forget that.

So let’s start a conversation. Let’s share our knowledge and what tips and tricks have worked for us. I want to make sure you make the most of your millennial money.


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