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  • Jenna Trollope

Sundays are for Tea

On Sundays, we clean and talk about money.

My roommates and I work typical nine-to-five jobs with little flexibility in separate industries.

We are not here on weekdays and on weekends we avoid humans or we leave the apartment to socialize. Last night we picked up a free tv on the side of the road. You get the picture. Typical millennials.

But we pay our bills and we put savings aside and we have our goals set in stone. That is why we are willing to share a bathroom in our late 20’s. We are one vision board away from starting an empire.

I am lucky to have people around to encourage discussion. I admit I need that around. Today my roommates and I had agreed to sit down and talk about bills. Our habits. What is working and where do we need to focus on? We all clean, but everyone sees the world through different eyes. Sometimes it is good to make an effort to communicate with those around you. Whether it be about splitting the chores or our spending habits, we can talk it out and share our needs or we explode in anger during a long-overdue fight.

We sat down, drank some tea, and talked about money. Plan out what success looks like to you. Think about what financial goals you have. Make a plan to achieve that goal. It is as easy as that. This is where you take control of your financial future.


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