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Introducing Waverley Wealth: A New Way to Discover Future Wealth

We are thrilled to announce a new approach to Financial Education!

As a Financial Advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd. I was thrilled that Assante was voted # 1 by Clients who use a Full-Service firm. We are pleased to be recognized by our amazing clients.

For clients that have complicated needs, we will keep on servicing you. However, the recent study indicated that today’s investor is looking for enhanced technology, easier access, yet, they still want to be educated and have the missing piece of “human advice” that is often lacking in many online services. In keeping with our ability to move forward, I’m excited to announce that we have a new service offering.

With the introduction of Waverley Wealth, the Purves Team at Assante Capital Management is providing a new service combination that can help meet some of those missing pieces.

Its the best of both worlds:

  • Assante Connect provides an award-winning platform that serves the individual who likes the robo-advisor approach and the reduced fees.

  • Partnering with Assante Connect and the Purves team, we can assist with a simplified tailored advice structure so you receive the human touch to stay on track to meet your life goals.

  • And to continue the ongoing education, Waverley Wealth, can provide a subscription service via podcasts, live chats, webinars and more. Highlighting experts and tips for managing financial decisions when they occur.

Who can this help?

  • For your kid that is getting started and doesn’t have complicated needs, but requires someone to keep them on track and ask the right questions so they are setting themselves up for the next 5, 10, and 20 year period.

  • For you, as you start to build your career and develop life goals, but you are not sure how to get there

  • For you, as you simplify your life, and you may not need to do as much planning as you did when you were younger.

We’ve heard the biggest challenge with the large firms is they have technology that suits your digital needs, but often lacks a personal touch. What about when you really need something, such as insurance comparisons as your needs change, where do you go? You want to be more than a number. The Purves Team can help with this.

We recognize you may not need a full-service advice team now, as your life gets more complicated, it may be the right picture in the future. We can help you manage those big life decisions to ensure you are asking the right questions to manage your big dreams. As you grow your investments, build your own business, inheriting wealth, buy a house or save for your child's future, we will help you get the most of your money. By moving at the right time, you will ensure you take advantage of the planning, and tax strategies when they will matter!

Know somebody that is perfect for this tailored approach? Share this great news with them. We want to make sure they achieve their financial future as soon as possible.

Certain employees of Waverley Wealth Ltd. maintain a relationship with Assante Capital Management Ltd. (“Assante”) through which they sell investment products and offer Financial Planning services. The relationship that they have with Assante does not include financial education services which Waverley Wealth Ltd.  is solely responsible. Waverley Wealth Ltd.  is not associated in any way with Assante, and Assante has no responsibility for the financial education services offered by Waverley Wealth Ltd.

Assante Connect is a division of WealthBar Financial Services Inc (“WealthBar”). CI Direct Investing is a registered Portfolio Manager in all provinces and territories in Canada. CI Direct Investing is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. CI Financial (TSX: CIX) is an independent Canadian company offering global asset management and wealth management advisory services. Its primary operating businesses are investment managers CI Investments Inc. and First Asset Management Inc., and advisory businesses Assante Capital Management Ltd. and Assante Financial Management Ltd.


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